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No 2 zebra’s stripes are alike.

No 2 companies, products, or brands are alike.
So, why should your content be?

My Services


Before we run we walk we learn to crawl. Before I write I learn your business and product. Content strategy is a process that demands development, precision, competitor research and analysis. I do it all.


Winning copy will increase your sales and is a critical aspect of marketing strategy. From email marketing & funnels, to PPC campaigns and landing pages, or on social media, the right copy sells & fast.


Your messages deserve to be heard and delivered with clarity, creativity and care. Increase brand awareness and access to your target audience by creating a distinct voice with engaging, SEO-friendly content.


Global B2C and B2B markets, e-Commerce & online marketplaces provide solutions, sell products and offer services to global target audiences. My  quality localized  English translations can leverage your sales.

A bit about me

Leora Raivich

English content and copy writing expert

I’m a content and copy writing professional with over 15 years experience working with organizations in a variety of industries and vertical markets. My expertise is writing for the tech sector (software, hardware and apps), working with a range of startups, SMBs, and enterprise level organizations.


My clients target both B2B and B2C markets and come from a range of industries: high tech, finance, lifestyle, fashion, trading, import/export, cryptocurrency, blockchain, manufacturing, transportation, real estate, nutrition, health, lifestyle, cosmetics, fashion, fine and performing arts and more.

With my background in MarCom, I can help develop your content strategy and bring it to life with quality content and copy, or localized translation for English target audiences.

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